Collaborative Leadership

Integrated Project Delivery is the use of "business structures, practices, and process to collaboratively use the talents and insights of all participants in the design, construction and fabrication process." Through the years we feel our practice has been gravitating toward this Integrated Project Delivery model. With many of our clients, we operate more as a collaborative team than the typical linear client/architect/contractor relationship.

At Rob Walker Architects, we strongly believe in leveraging the latest technologies to improve the project process. We are committed to constantly developing our skills and utilizing the most current technologies available. This allows us to produce detailed and coherent sets of drawings and specifications much more efficiently than larger firms.

With regards to scheduling, we structure our process based upon our client's expectations and time constraints, along with other stakeholder’s and consultant's needs.

Rob Walker Architects has vast experience in transforming existing buildings into successful projects that fulfill our client’s needs. Our design leadership provides the aesthetic vision that reflects the goals of our client when transforming existing structures.